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Any new business has to have an idea about its budget. Let J. Eric Kimball, CPA in Walla Walla help you work out a detailed budget plan, with over 25 years of experience he's helping new businesses get the best foundation possible.


You'll get to see how your overhead, inventory, payroll, and even more, will work into your budget, and learn how to appropriately account for all your costs until you can begin to see a real profit.

Crucial Business Budgeting

Comprehensive Business Projections

Once your budget is planned, you'll need to work out your financial projections. You'll work with Eric to see exactly what you can expect from your business in terms of profits, growth, and expenses in the upcoming years, so you can better plan for the future of your new business.


Don't get overwhelmed by the prospect of planning your finances to come; team up with a reliable CPA who has specialized in small business consultation since 1990.

Secure your financial future today!


Essential Budgeting and Projection Planning